We Listen, We Discuss, We Develop

Partnering with our state of the art distributors around the globe, we continuously improve and develop new products for the healthcare market. Utilizing decades of extensive medical device knowledge, we offer technical suggestions for improving the quality of the finished product while lowering costs. In addition, our quality department performs an extensive battery of quality tests to ensure consistent quality from shipment to shipment.

Our Values

We are engaged in building something better. We fundamentally believe that our healthcare professionals and patients should have the best products available to help and being helped. With focus on our customers first we want to build long-lasting trust in being their first choice for times when it matters most.

Environmental Responsibility

We strive to run our business in a responsible manner that is protective of our community and environment. We are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental impact and educating each employee to ensure their actions align with our corporate policies.

About us

Medical Equipment

What We Do

Tapmedic is a global provider of high-quality healthcare and patient devices with a broad range of products used for rapid infusion, NIBP diagnostics and recovery therapy.

​We believe that our comprehensive product offerings, focus on quality, innovation and outstanding customer service, as well as our strong relationships with healthcare professionals, have contributed to our growing market position. By employing a culture dedicated to accuracy, efficiency and reliability, we are quickly marking our place as an industry leader.

Our current business activities are the result of industry professionals and manufacturers from around the globe joining forces by offering unique healthcare products through one channel: Tapmedic. All our partners and affiliated companies service and manufacturer our products exclusively for us. We have the knowledge, the personnel and the manufacturing partners to immediately respond to our customers’ feedback and ideas to become the best in what we do.

Our Vision

To be always there for our healthcare providers with the best and most reliable products. To continuously seek improvements and new products to help lowering costs but never to compromise on quality and service.​